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Shoope.com’s humorous travel-inspired T-shirts are a hit! They capture my love for adventure with a laugh. Fast service and great quality.
Mia Wallace
New York, NY
Three Facts About Us

Travel Blunders Turned Fashion Statements


Globetrotting Founders:

The brains behind Shoope can’t stay put! From misreading departure boards to mistaking a llama for a local, their travel blunders are your next favorite T-shirt slogan.


Inspiration at 30,000 Feet:

Ever heard of high-altitude humor? Shoope’s product ideas often take off mid-flight, scribbled on napkins or even a friendly passenger’s cast. If it’s funny at cruising altitude, it’s a guaranteed hit.


Souvenir Upgrade:

Forget fridge magnets and postcards; Shoope believes the best way to commemorate a trip is by wearing it. Ever seen a shirt that says, “Got lost in Paris, found myself in a café”? That’s Shoope – turning travel tales into wearable memories, one misadventure at a time.